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The Best USB-C Hubs for iPad Pro 12.9 Case

 Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 is at the top of its class, rising high above other tablets. Lightweight and powerful, the latest generation of iPad Pro is a mighty machine that takes you from work to home, meetings to play, professional to creative. However, with each upgrade, Apple removed more and more ports to just one thunderbolt connection, limiting the range of its use. Investing in a USB-C port opens a spectrum of functions and options, allowing you to make the most of your device. Yet, finding the correct USB-C port that fits while your iPad is safely ensconced in a case is crucial. It doesn’t make sense to give up protection for functionality. In fact, you don’t have to. The trick is to find a USB-C port that you can use while the device is in its case. Here are our top picks.  

1. Baseus iPad Pro USB-C Hub and Docking Station

Sleek and solid, the Baseus iPad Pro USB-C Hub and Docking Station is an 8-in-1 hub made out of plastic and aluminum. This hub has SD and TF card slots, an HDMI port, an RJ45 ethernet port, 3x USB 3.0 ports, and a 100W PD USB-C port. A wire connects your iPad’s charging port to the USB-C hub without being hampered by the cover.

Transform your iPad Pro 12.9 into a beast with the Baseus docking station. Open and download photos from your SD cards or link your device to a secondary screen. You don’t need to rely on WI-FI as you can connect to an ethernet cable, giving you full access to fast internet. This USB-C port, however, does not have a headphone jack.

2. HyperDrive 9-in-1 USB-C Hub

This USB-C hub is a favorite for iPad users. Not only does it come with a grip to secure the hub onto the iPad, but you can remove it if you want to keep your device in a case. The HyperDrive 9-in-1 also includes a 3.5mm audio jack. You also have ports for Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 4K30Hz, MicroSD UHS-I, SD UHS-I, 3 x USB-A 5Gbps and USB-C PD 60W.

Its elegant design and multifunction ports give you the best of both worlds. In addition, the HyperDrive 9-in-1 is compatible with MacBook Pro and Air, allowing you to connect all your devices if needs be. You can charge your iPad while connected to the HypeDrive hub, allowing you to continue working with peace of mind. 

3. Zedela USB C HUB

The Zedela USB-C Hub's simple design is made up for its function. You can connect your iPad to your Mac to charge or transfer information. Or connect it to another screen. Charge your iPad while connected to the Zedela USB-C hub and utilize its HDMI port for screen mirroring.

Slim and discrete, the Zedela USB-C hub gives you a range of perfect functions for everyday use. You have six hubs: a USB-C hub 4K HDMI and Samsung Dex Station, two USB C ports, and three USB 3.0 ports. Use the HDMI port to stream movies on your Samsung television or give a presentation at work.

4. UGREEN USB C Hub 6 in 1 Dongle

The UGreen USB-C 6-in-1 may look lightweight, but it holds rank among the heavyweights. Although smaller in size compared to other models, you have six ports. Choose between three USB 3.0 ports, dual SD and Micro SD card readers, and a 4K HDMI port. This hub is ideal for those who need to transfer large amounts of data quickly.

However, the UGreen 6-in-1 does not allow you to charge, so keep an eye out on the iPad's battery while working for long periods. UGREEN also has a 7-in-1 dongle that includes an ethernet port.

What to Look For in USB-C Hubs?

1. Size Matters

USB-C hubs come in different sizes. An iPad Pro 12.9 can easily slip into a briefcase and handbag without bulky cables or accessories. Similarly, choose a USB-C that is lightweight and portable while being functional. Check the materials – a high-quality USB-C hub is made from aluminum with strong braided cables. Avoid those made out of plastic as these can be prone to overheating.

2. Power Protection

A good USB-C hub provides overcharge protection and stops charging your iPad when the battery has reached capacity. It also acts as a barrier to electricity surcharge, shielding your iPad and other devices from voltage changes.

3. Connection Is Everything

Start by taking note of what you need. Do you need a USB-C port that accepts SD/Micro cards? Do you prefer having an ethernet connection for faster internet? See which ports are available in different models and whether these work for you.

Also, find a USB-C hub that plugs into your iPad with a wire, allowing you to keep the case on. Dropping your unprotected iPad Pro 12.9 while using a USB-C dongle can potentially damage the device. Or you can accidentally push the hub off a surface, and it drags down the iPad with it. Invest in a high-quality iPad Pro 12.9 case that offers protection and functionality. The Zugu iPad Pro 12.9 case, for example, has ten angled slots fitted with a magnet that keeps your device in place. In addition, you have major drop protection of up to five feet on concrete – tried and tested by the company.