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Is It Worth Buying an iPad 10.2 Case?

Getting started with an iPad 10.2

You’ve decided to treat yourself to an iPad 10.2, and now you’re wondering where the rest of your money should go. Do you have to go out and buy all the accessories: an iPad 10.2 case, an iPad 10.2 keyboard, extra charging cables, a car mount and a desk charging mount? Or is your iPad and the freebies it comes in enough to start with? Minimizing iPad-related purchases means you’ll have more to spend on enjoying life—- lattes, for instance, or rock climbing expeditions if that’s more your thing. 

You know your own financial situation best, and what you decide to do depends, ultimately, on your own priorities. Here we’ll look at why buying an iPad 10.2 case may be a good investment, and worth setting apart a tidy budget for. 

What you buy when you buy iPad 10.2 case 

When you buy an iPad 10.2 case you’re buying more than just a pretty cover for your device. You’re also buying:

  • A buffer against scratches, dents, and cosmetic blemishes
  • Shock-protection for both the screen and inner workings
  • A handy stand (with multiple angle choices, if you chose your case well) for hands-free movies or video calls
  • A useful identifier for when you find yourself in a group of friends or coworkers with multiple iPads
  • A useful place to keep your pencil, right where you’re likely to want to use it.

Which of these is most important to you will depend on your lifestyle; for most, it’s the protection. Still, a handy stand can be extremely helpful if you don’t appreciate holding up your iPad the entire time you’re watching a movie or talking to your best friend on Zoom. If you haven’t yet bought a pencil, the pencil holder may seem a moot point. Once you buy one, though, you’ll realize how easy it is to misplace, and having a dedicated spot right next to your iPad where you can keep it is nothing short of a lifesaver. 

Ever found yourself grabbing someone else’s iPad, thinking it was yours? Embarrassing, right? One way to avoid that is to keep your iPad in a cover that is easily distinguishable in the crowd. You don’t need neon green and pink polka dots; just choose a color or model that others in your circle don’t have. 

How an iPad 10.2 case can protect your device

Those are all great reasons to use an iPad 10.2 case with built-in-screen protector, but are probably not features you’re prepared to spend a whole lot of money on. What about the protection? Here we find ourselves in a situation where not spending money can end up being much more expensive than simply shelling out cash at the outset. 

iPad repairs are expensive. If your screen breaks, expect to pay about $319 for a replacement at an Apple authorized repair shop. That’s probably about half of what you originally paid for your device, and is going to look much uglier on your bank statement than an iPad cover purchase. Other repairs are in a similar ballpark. 

An Apple 10.2 inch iPad case keeps the shiny aluminum and delicate glass surfaces of your iPad away from sharp or abrasive surfaces; the grit on the table, for instance, or the keys in your book bag. But if you buy an actual shock protective case, you’ll also have protection against the drops and bumps in your life: times when your iPad could meet life-changing damage if you don’t have a case on. 

When looking for a protective iPad case, find one that has military-grade protection. The standard you want to look for is MIL-STD-810F. If an iPad cover meets MIL-STD-810F, it’s been dropped— with an iPad inside— a minimum of 26 times from a height of four feet, and stayed in perfect working condition the whole time. 

Setting a Budget for Your iPad 10.2 Case

One look at the repair estimates from Apple should be enough to convince you to buy yourself a protective case. But now comes the next question: which protective case should you buy, and how much should you be prepared to spend? There are cases available for the iPad 10.2 that cost between $10 and $15. These cases typically include a stand and they are certainly helpful when it comes to identifying your device in a stand. They don’t typically offer much in the way of protection, however, so if that’s what you’re after you’ll want to look elsewhere.

iPad cases are one area where you really do get what you pay for. If you’re interested in quality and actual military standard shock protection, you’re going to be spending between $40-$70 on your case. That’s not cheap, but neither is the protection your new case will provide. 

Aside from a difference in the level of protection offered, another big difference between cheap iPad cases and quality options is durability. Get a good case, and you can expect it to last for the useful lifetime of your device. Cheaper devices may last a month or two, but you’ll find yourself paying $15 on the regular till you’ve gone far past the cost of one good device.

So start out right, and get a good case to begin with. Wondering which brands to look at? Zugu is one good option you may want to check out— you’ll get protection and convenience in one tidy package.